Camp Blanding

Boating, Wind, and Rain. What a weekend.

Camp Blanding 2005

Canoe Trip 2005

Ocklawaha River

Court of Honor 4-3-06

COH Held on 4-3-06

Crossover 2006

Crossover of the Cub Scouts

East Tower

Echockotee 2006


Fall Camporee 2005

Camp Echockotee

Fort Clinch 2005

Hanna Park 2006


Hanna Park 2007


Jetty Park Campground

At the Cape

OA Fall Fellowship 2006

OA Fall Fellowship

OA Spring Fellowship 2006

OA Spring Fellowship

Ocklawaha 2007

Olustee 2002

Olustee 22 Mile Hike

Olustee 2004

Paul V.\'s Eagle Project

Picnic Tables @ Mary Queen of Heaven

Scout Blast 2001

Scout Blast 2006

Summer Camp 2001

Camp Old Indian

Summer Camp 2003

Camp Bud Schiele

Summer Camp 2005

Camp Shands

Summer Camp 2006

Camp Woodruff

Summer Camp 2007

Camp Rainey Mountain

Tree Houses 2005

Camp Shands

Trey\'s Eagle Scout Project

Food Drive

USS Yorktown 2001

Yard Sale 2006

Fund Raiser